What We Do

Unlocking the Power of Evolution

Using our Accelerated Evolution Platform, we ask and answer the question of how to maximise the commercial viability of a microbial production host. This problem is nuanced, and always has multi-faceted solutions.

When it comes to developing the most powerful biofactories possible, evolution is the ideal tool for tapping into the most diverse landscape of biological qualities and releasing their fullest potential.

At Evolutor, we use our novel biological and technological innovations to more fully capture the power of evolution.

We are building an evolutionary bio-foundry to maximise the industrial fitness of microbes more effectively and efficiently than has ever been possible before.

Breaking New Frontiers in Adaptive Evolution

With our novel synthetic biology toolkits paired with our sophisticated automated bioreactor systems, teams at Evolutor can tap into the “black box” of a microbe’s genetic makeup and completely manipulate a microbe’s evolutionary trajectory with a new degree of granularity.

  • We tackle the optimisation of microbes both known and unknown.
  • We discover and unlock vast improvements that cannot be intuitively achieved through any other approach.
  • We extract the absolute maximum industrial potential from a microbe, building the bio-factories of the future.