Our Microbes

Amplifying Evolution Across a Broad Specturm of Microbial Species and Traits

Evolving Thermotolerance

Microbes can be optimised to significantly improve thermotolerance in harsh commercial biomanufacturing conditions.

In our demonstration microbe, the evolved improvements were reverse engineered to identify the genetic changes responsible. The mutations were non-intuitive and could not have been achieved using only a rational genetic engineering approach.

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Evolving Feedstock Utilisation

Feedstock selection is central to the commercial viability and supply chain security of biomanufacturing systems.

In our demonstration microbe, we deployed laser-focused evolutionary regimes to multiply microbial growth on complex industrial waste feedstocks by 2.5 x.

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Evolving Inhibitor Tolerance

Robustness is a vital microbial trait for the successful biomanufacturing of many valuable products like biochemicals, fuels and cosmetic ingredients, and for valorisation of complex fermentation feedstocks.

At Evolutor, we develop microbes that can survive and be productive in higher concentrations of toxics compounds commonly present in large-scale biomanufacturing processes.

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Evolving Microbes Both Known and Unknown

Our team is made up of experts in bacteria and yeast development and evolution. Through our Accelerated Evolution Platform, we can domesticate and optimise a wide portfolio of microbes without the need for any genetic knowledge.

If we can grow it and stress it, we can develop it for biomanufacturing application. 

If you’re interested in novel microbial strains, get in touch to discuss your needs. We’re excited to hear from you.