Our Technology

A Synergy of Synthetic Biology, Hardware and Software

Our Accelerated Evolution Platform is built on 3 core pillars of innovation:

Synthetic Biology: Our molecular toolkits unlock dormant genetic potential, create new genetic potential and make evolution work for us in new ways.

Bioreactor Hardware: Our bioreactor chambers apply selective pressures with precision, generate high-fidelty data to guide onward microbe development and enact evolutionary regimes at a highly-parallelized scale.

Software Automation & AI: Our predictive evolution AI can be deployed to identify the shortest and fastest evolutionary route to any microbe development outcome. Our evolution management software then tightly controls delivery of this route, minimisng the length of all microbe development cycles.

Together, our systems are scalable, multi-functional and will run continuously for as long as is needed to achieve microbe development goals. After microbe optimisation is complete, we can apply our biological tools to rapidly identify the genes and amino acid changes responsible for the achieved improvements, allowing these modifications to be reverse-engineered into other microbial systems.

Evolutor can develop microbes that are both GM and non-GM.