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Evolution is at the centre of everything around us. Without evolution and our interactions with it, today’s world would be unrecognisable

Now, evolution will be at the heart of the next great economic paradigm shift: The Bio-Industrial Revolution.

At Evolutor, we use our Accelerated Evolution Platform to build the world’s best microbial biomanufacturing systems. We leverage a combination of proprietary synthetic biology toolkits, bioreactor hardware and evolutionary AI to fully optimise new and existing microbial systems to perform efficiently and sustainably at scale.

By capturing the full power of evolution, we address biological problems with biological solutions.

Join us as we unlock biology and drive a global transition into biomanufacturing.

What We Do

The genetic makeup of a microbe is what determines its traits, behaviours and feasibility for biomanufacturing. But biology is inherently & infinitely complex.

We use our Accelerated Evolution Platform to lift the lid on evolution and completely unlock the hidden genetic potential of microbial production strains.

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