Evolutor Microbe Optimization

Evolutor is a next-generation approach to microbe optimization based on adaptive laboratory evolution (ALE). Evolutor Microbe Optimization uses a proprietary automated system to more fully unlock and exploit the natural power of adaptive evolution.

Evolutor Microbe Optimization will provide biotechnology and precision fermentation organizations with a microbe development that is substantially more efficient and effective than current solutions.

The Problem

Current use of adaptive evolution to optimize a microbe for industrial precision fermentation is lengthy, costly and labour intensive. Progress can be suboptimal due to a lack of sensing capabilities, missed timings during non-working hours and limited variation within the parent microbe.

For bio-manufacturers to do this optimization work in-house requires laboratory space, expensive equipment and experienced personnel.

The Power of Evolutor

Evolutor can optimize the desired traits of your microbe beyond what is currently achievable. We can do this in a rapid and predictable manner to reduce process development lead times.

We can utilize the power of the Evolutor technology to take a parent microbe and more fully optimize a wide variety of commercially-relevant traits.


Proprietary tool that can significantly increase start-point genetic diversity to amplify evolutionary potential.


Automated and miniaturized high-throughput approach.


Extensive sensing capabilities, data collection and  intelligent algorithmic feedback controls.


Evolutor’s microbe optimization capabilities can be widely applied across industrial biotech. Due to our evolution-based approach we can optimize any microbe regardless of the availability or confidentiality of genetic information.

The next-level microbe development capabilities of the Evolutor technology are relevant for bio-manufacturers in:

As well as offering direct benefits to users of precision fermentation, Evolutor Microbe Optimization may also be of interest to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) and microbe engineering/microbe licensing organizations.


The technological and biological components of Evolutor Microbe Optimization have all been developed in the labs of Dr. Tuck Seng Wong and Dr. Kang Lan Tee at The University of Sheffield’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Technology development of Evolutor is always moving forwards to match the pace and demand of the biotechnology industry. As we grow, we will scale out our production capabilities to further increase the power and efficiency of Evolutor Microbe Optimization.

Behind the scenes, we are developing more advanced technologies and innovating further biological tools to amplify Evolutor’s capabilities.

Our ambition is to provide next-generation microbe optimization for the coming biotechnological revolution.

The Team

Joe Price

Early career researcher and commercialization lead


Dr. Tuck Seng Wong

Academic and scientific lead


Dr. Kang Lan Tee

Academic and scientific lead

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